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About Us

Xinxiang AndersonPharm Co., Ltd. was founded by a group of youthful person in 2008. For years’ development, our company is professional in the production of penem's intermediate and bulk pharmaceutical chemicals etc.
Our company has built long-term cooperation relationship with famous universities such as  Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Henan Normal University, which is solid foundation for our research.
In addition, we have established R&D center and quality testing center. And we have HPLC, GC,  moisture tester, ultraviolet absorption luminosity tester and melting point resting equipment.
Our main products: Doripenem side chain, Doripenem Condensation Compound, Doripenem Hydrate, Ertapenem side chain, Biapenem side chain and so on.
We have specific advantage in Doripenem side chain. We can provide both domestic standard Doripenem side chain and European standard Doripenem side chain. Meanwhile, our company produces high quality Doripenem Condensation Compound, Doripenem Hydrate. Our company is the supplier of domestic and abroad famous enterprises.
The purity of our Ertapenem side chain is higher than 99.5% and the solvent residue is superior to domestic congeneric product.
We sincerely provide wide customers with superior product at most reasonable price. Your satisfaction is our permanent pursuit.

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